Patchwork Dohar Double Bed Quilt - Ranibagh


The Ranibagh pathwork dohar makes a statement with bold reds and deep indigo shades in intricate floral designs. Our patchwork dohars are made from scrap cotton fabric leftover from making apparel, and are each a completely one-of-a-kind work of art.

These blankets are made by stitching two sides of quilted cotton together with no stuffing in between. They are thinner and lighter than our quilts. Cozy up under a patchwork dohar on your bed, put one on your lap while you sit and read, or even use one as a picnic blanket. 

  • Size: Standard King Size, fits Queen as well
  • Dimensions: 90" x 108"
  • Materials: Cotton
  • Care: Wash separately in cold water, dry flat

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