6 Reasons Why Cotton Dohars are Ideal for Summer

It can be tough to stay comfortable at night during the summer months. Sleeping with no blanket at all can get too chilly with the A/C running, but a comforter is just too thick and has you tossing and turning.

Our cotton dohar blankets are the perfect solution to the summer sleeping conundrum. Here's why:

  1. Keep it cool - just 2 layers of cotton means that these blankets are incredibly breathable and relatively light. They're enough to keep you from catching a chill due to the A/C, but not so heavy that they've have you sweating. Cotton is the natural cooling choice for clothing in the summer months, so why not for bedding as well?
  2. Sumptuously Soft - our cotton dohars are stitched with oh-so-soft hand printed cotton. Seriously, you won't want to sleep with any other cotton bedding once you've felt these.
  3. Adds an OOMPH to the decor - Each one of our cotton dohars is 100% unique. Stitched with squares of would-be waste fabric from the garment making process, these blankets are truly works of art.
  4. Twice as nice - We're not here for a blanket that's fun on one side and boring on the other. Our dohars are beautifully unique on both sides, so you can choose which side to display in your home.
  5. Easy to clean and maintain - These blankets are low stress when it comes to maintenance. They are machine washable! Just pop them into the machine with cold water, and try them on a low/gentle cycle.
  6. Long Lasting - With proper care, a cotton dohar can last for years and years, becoming a cherished family heirloom.


What is the difference between a dohar and a quilt?

A dohar is essentially a very thin quilt, because it doesn't have thick stuffing between the outer layers of cotton fabric. Our quilts have stuffing between the outer layers, making them thicker and warmer than dohar blankets. Each one has its place in the home for year-round comfort.

How should a dohar be stored?

When not in use, cotton dohars should be stored just like any other cotton quilt or cotton home linens. They should be folded, kept dry, kept out of direct sunlight, and kept away from drastic temperature fluctuations. A closet or a cedar chest is a good place to store your dohar when not using it.

We hope you'll love these beautiful works of craftsmanship as much as we do!

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