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Giving Back

Our Mission

Part of our mission at Jaipur Morni USA is to help support the community that creates our beautiful products. We believe this goes beyond paying a living wage and ensuring safe working conditions and includes supporting local mutual aid funds so that we can help in a wider variety of contexts.

For each of our collections, we will be supporting a cause that is hyper-local to the Jaipur area and is vetted by our founder, Tushti, a Jaipur native.

Our Current Initiative

For 2024, we will be donating 10% of profits to SOS Children's Villages Jaipur. This global organization has been helping supply children around the world with nutrition, education, and care for over 50 years. The Jaipur branch of the organization was established in the late 1970s and currently serves over 100 children.

We are excited to have the opportunity to support this well-respected organization in their efforts to provide for at-risk children and youth. We encourage you to read more about SOS Children's Villages and even make a donation yourself!

Previous Initiatives

Since 2022, we have been regularly donating to SOS Children's Villages.

Previously, we donated 10% of proceeds from our first collection to the Jaipur Morni COVID Relief and Supply Fund. This fund was created by Tushti to address the pressing needs she saw in her community that were not being addressed by larger charities.

Below, see our official statement on our donations:

"News of the devastation that COVID-19 has caused in India has reached far and wide lately, and while it may not be the front page story anymore, it is still a very real crisis. Being able to “stay safe at home” is a luxury that many simply can’t afford. For the sick, it can be difficult or impossible to find the care they need.

Our founder Tushti, a native of Jaipur, has been working hard through the pandemic to keep her community safe. However, it frustrated her to see that while many large relief organizations were getting plenty of foreign and domestic donations, the money and aid simply wasn’t reaching the people in her community who needed it the most.

In order to better serve the community in Jaipur, including the artisans who make our beautiful fabric and garments, Tushti has started the Jaipur Morni COVID Aid Fundraiser. This mutual aid fund aims to bring help directly where it is needed in the Jaipur community, and is a [approval/certification you got for the fundraiser?] fundraiser.

Our goal with this fund is to help purchase oxygen concentrators for the community (as cylinders are being sold at wildly inflated prices), help pay hospital bills, provide food services for COVID positive families while they quarantine, and donate to local government hospitals so that they can expand their services.

We will be donating 10% of the proceeds of our initial United States launch to this mutual aid fund. We are proud to support grassroots organizers while they provide relief to their neighbors when they need it most.

If you are interested in donating directly to the fund beyond making a purchase with us, please be in touch at for donation information."